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"Safe on duty": one year of successful networking
"Safe on duty": one year of successful networking
Minister Reul: "The exchange between the authorities is worth its weight in gold. Because what works in Gütersloh often also works in Jüchen."
Ministry of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia
Ministry of the Interior NRW

The nationwide and cross-departmental prevention network "Sicher im Dienst" is celebrating its first anniversary. Since its foundation in January 2022, the network has grown to almost 1,000 members from over 350 authorities, institutions, associations and organizations from all areas of the public sector. In addition to numerous events on violence prevention for members, examples of successful measures have been passed on from one authority to another. Security training for employees in the various authorities and organizations is also part of the network's work.

On Monday, North Rhine-Westphalia's Interior Minister Herbert Reul praised the work of "Sicher im Dienst": "The public sector is arming itself, making itself more resilient. With prevention and many good ideas. The exchange between the authorities is worth its weight in gold, because what works in Gütersloh often also works in Jüchen. And the wheel doesn't always have to be reinvented."

The "Gütersloh model" was developed a few years ago by the local police, was further developed in the course of "Sicher im Dienst" and was publicized even more in the state. It is an orientation system for police and fire department personnel that helps them to find their way around more quickly in dangerous situations. Emergency exits and entrances to official buildings, for example, are marked in bright colors and oversized letters - a practical aid for emergency services, especially when every minute counts. The city of Jülich has adopted the system for its schools as part of the network exchange.

The city of Wuppertal, for example, distributes "blue letters" to citizens who have attracted negative attention during their visit to the social welfare office. In many cases, this has already ensured that citizens have apologized the next day and that such situations remain unique. The Wuppertal idea initiators have already received numerous inquiries from potential imitators via "Sicher im Dienst".

In addition, network members can take part in safety training courses that train employees to deal with dicey situations. If there is a threat of assault, for example, they learn ways to de-escalate. The training courses were developed by Recklinghausen Police Headquarters and have since been very well received within the network.

"Safe on duty" is a prevention campaign of the North Rhine-Westphalian state government and a component of the initiative "More protection and security for employees in the public sector". The campaign aims to strengthen the public sector, make it safer and raise awareness of the issue of violence against employees. "Sicher im Dienst" offers members a platform to find out about recommendations for action and exchange experiences and practical approaches to preventing violence. Members include state and municipal administrations, social insurance providers and public institutions, municipal umbrella organizations and professional associations.

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