Kim Irmgartz
Policewoman Kim Irmgartz doesn't just step on the gas on the racetrack.
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Policewoman, German runner-up in motocross, stunt double for motorcycle scenes in film and TV, licensed motorsport trainer, sponsored top athlete in the state and reigning Miss NRW. If you want to describe Kim Irmgartz, you need a lot of patience. And of course, one question immediately comes to mind: "Ms. Irmgartz, does your day have more than 24 hours or how do you manage to juggle it all?"

The 29-year-old clarifies. "It feels like I've been doing sport all my life, even alongside school, without my grades suffering as a result. Now I just do it alongside my job. The whole thing requires good organization," says the racing driver, who was born in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler in Rhineland-Palatinate. "I always have a plan B or C up my sleeve if something comes up. But things are actually going really well." One thing is clear: you can't do it without a good dose of ambition and a strong shot of willpower, of course.

Since September 2018, Irmgartz, who first got on a bike at the age of six with the strong help of her brother, has been working at the Brühl site of the State Office for Police Training, Further Training and Personnel Affairs. From Monday to Friday, her job takes priority. But at the weekend, it's off to the slopes. "The truth is: my work earns me the money I spend on my hobby. Motocross is my passion. But it wouldn't be possible without the police and top-level sports sponsorship." So the young woman from Bornheim near Bonn, who also competes in international competitions, easily has to put 600 euros on the table for a world championship weekend. Money well spent, because her list of successes is long. "The highlight of my career was certainly fifth place at the World Championships in the Netherlands in 2016." As a coach, she naturally introduces children (especially girls) to the sport at the same time. Irmgartz has also been on the road as a stunt double since 2012, jumping on the bike instead of Alexandra Maria Lara or Karoline Herfurth and racing through the picture for the actresses.

Away from the racetrack, she has recently also successfully stepped on the gas, winning the Miss NRW competition in the run-up, so to speak, and taking part in the national competition at Europa-Park Rust in February 2020. "I received support from the police, because the new concept no longer focuses on any beauty ideals, but on the story behind each woman. They were looking for authentic power women and I was well received with both my job and my hobby."

The secret of her success? "At some point, I dared to be brave and I have the strength to stay that way," says the policewoman. Then there's the matter of good planning. It even leaves time for other hobbies. Yes, Kim Irmgartz still has them too. Right at the top: her dog Zazu, who is always with her apart from at work, and baking.


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