Weight room
A special kind of "weight room"
The Center for Ethical Education and Pastoral Care (ZeBuS) at the LAFP NRW is expanding its range of services around the well-known and proven "Grenzgang".
Lil Herholz, LAFP NRW

Where does the strength actually come from to master the everyday challenges of the police profession? What are the energizing and relieving aspects of everyday police work? Police officers regularly ask themselves these questions and are now the focus of the new ZeBuS project.


A "gym for the mind and soul"

The "gym" is a place that is very different from a standard seminar room. A "gym for the mind and soul" is another offer from ZeBuS in the NRW police force. It is aimed at all police employees. Here it is possible to reflect on one's own resources, as the "weight room" is primarily intended to strengthen the individual. The elaborate design of the room provides a calming yet stimulating atmosphere.


Offers for all employees - the NRW police leave no one alone

Exchange with police employees regularly shows that offers such as the "Power Room" or the "Boundary Walk", which is also affiliated with ZeBuS, are important building blocks to enable reflection on one's own attitude and sources of energy. The "Grenzgang" program, which has been tried and tested for years, focuses on dealing with issues that are typically challenging in the workplace. These include, for example, dealing with extreme situations or confronting death. One thing has become clear on every "Grenzgang" visit so far: those who encounter evil run the risk of losing sight of the good. Coping with the challenges of the police profession therefore requires a great deal of strength, and not just physical strength. The NRW police leave no one alone in overcoming these challenges.


Minister of the Interior Reul opens the "strength room"

The NRW Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul traveled to the LAFP NRW in Selm to open a very special kind of "strength room". In his own words, the minister was driven not only by the invitation, but also by curiosity. He wanted to see with his own eyes what the "force room" is and what goes on in it. To this end, he got to talk to police officers from the state and learned directly about the stresses and strains of, for example, guard duty or investigating sexual offenses.


Thousands take advantage of the ZeBuS services

Around 20,000 employees of the NRW police have already explored the everyday challenges of the police service in the "Grenzgang" and underline the importance of the ZeBuS and the addition of the "Kraftraum". The visit by the NRW Minister of the Interior reinforces and motivates the work at ZeBuS, which benefits all police officers.


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