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A burglary can change your life. That's why "Secure your home - so that it stays your home." Against burglars and for safety and security within your own four walls. Lock up!

Invasion of privacy

In around half of the cases, it remains an attempted break-in because the perpetrators did not get into the apartments or houses or did not steal anything. Nevertheless, rummaging through cupboards and drawers is an invasion of your privacy. This is often more serious than a material loss. It is therefore important that citizens seek advice on the possibilities of home burglary protection in order to better protect their own living space.

With the campaign against home burglary, the police in NRW - with the help of citizens - are putting a stop to the perpetrators.

The core of the campaign is the threefold bar against burglars:

  • Watch out for suspicious people and situations.
  • If you suspect anything, call the police immediately on 110.
  • Get neutral and free advice on burglary protection from your police.


Burglars can break in at any time of day. It often happens during the day when the residents are "only away for a moment". In the winter months, they take advantage of the early darkness. The perpetrators are in a hurry and take advantage of every opportunity.

Improve the burglary protection of your house or apartment

Secure possible weak points in your house or apartment by installing tested and certified security technology. The technical advisors of the NRW police in the crime prevention and victim protection departments of your local police authority will provide you with neutral and free advice.

You can also find a search for advice centers by zip code and further information on police crime prevention at

Have the security technology professionally installed by companies that are listed on the address lists of the NRW State Office of Criminal Investigation. The address lists of specialist companies for mechanical security systems and for hold-up and burglar alarm systems can be found on the website at

The respective specialist companies from all federal states are listed there in a nationwide installer database. You can adapt your search to your needs using a filter function, e.g. by zip code, town, federal state or radius search.

Living safely together! - Burglary protection in apartment buildings

In order to sustainably improve security in apartment buildings and their surroundings, recommendations for crime-preventive urban planning and building design should be implemented in addition to the security equipment of doors and windows. These are aimed at positively influencing the social structure, such as cohesion and togetherness in the neighborhood and interest in the residential environment. This also increases social control and the willingness to act as a witness. In addition, structural and spatial design measures are intended to reduce factors that encourage the commission of crimes.

In the download "Living safely together! - Building equipment for apartment buildings" you will find information for owners and property managers on burglary protection.

You can also download the Info board with information for residents of apartment buildings .

This can either be used as a notice in stairwells or distributed as a flyer. For further information, please contact the technical advisors in the local district police authorities.

Take advantage of the subsidies from the state of NRW

For renovation and conversion work on existing properties, it is possible to receive a subsidy or state funding for the installation of burglar-resistant products. Information on the funding opportunities available in North Rhine-Westphalia can be found on the website of the nationwide burglary protection campaign K-Einbruch (under the "Funding" tab).

Information for those affected by a burglary

If you or someone close to you has been the victim of a burglary, you can find information on the procedure and tips in the victim protection brochure on the right. You can obtain the addresses of important contact persons from the Crime Prevention and Victim Protection Department of your local police authority.

If you have been burgled and items have been lost, the police and insurance company will need a precise description of the stolen items. Mark your valuables clearly, for example with an engraving, and make a note of the most important data.

In the media offered by the Police Crime Prevention Program of the federal states and the federal government, you will find a list of valuables for recording your valuables.

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